My name is Phillip Young and I am an International School Physical Education teacher. As an American who lived overseas as a child and adult I do my best to keep an open mind about best teaching practices and innovative ideas.

I have created this blog to share with the world four items I am primarily interested and passionate about.

1. PE Tech – how can I use technology to both organize formative and summative data and help drive my instruction.

2. Sustenance– has two meanings; one being a source of nutrition and the other keeping something for your own livelihood. I believe within the next ten years there will be a need for schools to teach both definitions as we look at both food production in the world and how it has an impact on personal and environmental health.

3. 7 Habits After being inspired by the book The Leader in Me: How Schools are Inspiring Greatness, One Child at a Time  have started using the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens in my classroom and with teams I coach. 

4. Aloha Spirit– This part of me has been inspired by my travels around the world, seeing the compassion people so different can have, and how the world can be very different than what you watch on a news broadcast. 

To me a 21st century Physical Education and Health education needs to go beyond wellness, health, fitness, and a passion for lifelong activity. It needs to be taught in a way that teaches the health of our bodies and how it relates to the health of the earth. I am always looking for like minded people to collaborate with so feel free to contact me with thoughts and ideas.

Feel Free to follow me on Twitter: @teachAlohaPE
or send me a Voxer chat at: teachAlohaPE

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